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Discover the Essence of Ethiopian Coffee with Ergos' carefully sourced Ethiopian coffee micro-lots.



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Discover the Essence of Ethiopian Coffee with Ergos' carefully sourced Ethiopian coffee micro-lots.透過Ergos精心挑選的埃塞俄比亞咖啡微批次,探索埃塞俄比亞咖啡的精髓。

As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia's genetic variety, unique rich microclimates and terroir, and long coffee heritage are deeply woven into their coffees. The traditional knowledge and practices passed down through generations contribute to the exceptional quality and authenticity of every bean.作為咖啡的發源地,埃塞俄比亞的基因多樣性、獨特而豐富的微氣候以及悠久的咖啡傳統深深融入其咖啡中。代代相傳的傳統知識和做法為每顆豆子的卓越品質和真實性做出了貢獻。

At Ergos Coffee, we are passionate and dedicated to bringing the finest Ethiopian green coffees to Taiwan. Sourced directly from renowned washing stations, and following our strict quality controls, our micro-lot coffee reflects and embodies the exceptional quality and rich heritage of Ethiopian coffees.在Ergos Coffee,我們熱衷並致力於將最優質的埃塞俄比亞生豆帶到台灣。我們的微批次咖啡直接來自著名的洗滌站,並遵循嚴格的質量控制,體現和展現了埃塞俄比亞咖啡的卓越品質和豐富遺產。

When sourcing from Ethiopia, our main priority is to bring our clients the highest quality and unique flavor profiles. To achieve this, when selecting our coffee lots, we prioritize key elements that make coffees exceptional.從埃塞俄比亞採購時,我們的主要目標是為客戶帶來最高品質和獨特風味的咖啡。為實現這一目標,在選擇咖啡批次時,我們優先考慮使咖啡卓越的關鍵要素。

One of these elements is high-altitude coffee cultivation. Our interest is to find hard beans that are planted in the altitude range of 1,900 to 2,200 meters or higher above sea level.其中一個要素是高海拔咖啡栽培。我們的興趣是尋找種植在海拔1,900至2,200米或更高高度的硬豆。

Utilizing traditional Ethiopian processing techniques, cherries are hand-picked, hand-sorted, pulped, fermented, washed, and slowly dried on raised beds, ensuring meticulous care and quality in every batch.利用傳統的埃塞俄比亞加工技術,咖啡櫻桃經過手工採摘、手工篩選、去果肉、發酵、清洗,並在架子上慢慢晾乾,確保每批咖啡都經過精心照料和品質控制。

Our micro-lot selection process aims to find unique flavor lots by including a wider number of harvest lots and reducing the volume of each lot. With these two variables, we can find micro-lots that have unique and special flavors that would have been blended and hidden in high-volume lots.我們的微批次選擇過程旨在通過包括更多的收成批次並減少每個批次的數量來尋找獨特的風味批次。通過這兩個變量,我們可以找到在大批量中會被混合和隱藏的獨特和特殊風味的微批次。

We value our relationship with local partners. Their hard work and local expertise, along with close collaboration, enable us to maintain the quality of the micro-lots from the washing station until they arrive at our warehouse in Taiwan.我們重視與當地合作夥伴的關係。他們的辛勤工作和當地專業知識,以及密切的合作,使我們能夠保持微批次從洗滌站到達台灣倉庫的品質。

Our 12 years of experience in sourcing coffee reflect our professionalism, hard work, passion, and service. We aim to be your long-term reliable partner, who you can trust and rely on to help your coffee roasting business be profitable and grow through the years.我們12年的咖啡採購經驗體現了我們的專業、努力、熱情和服務。我們的目標是成為您長期可靠的合作夥伴,您可以信賴並依靠我們幫助您的咖啡烘焙業務盈利並逐年成長。